AstroSounds Privacy Policy

Purpose of collecting personal data:

The Citizen Science Project AstroSounds collects a number of contact and personal credentials to perform scientific research. The research has as topics the vibrations of stars and investigating whether all citizens can participate in astronomical research by listening to vibrating stars. Therefore, the AstroSoudns researchers collect personal data of citizens when they register on the online research tools of AstroSounds, like the AstroSounds bookwidgets and/or the AstroSounds website. This data is collected, managed and actualized by the researchers.

It is important for the research to identify citizens, to communicate with them and to investigate how far their acquired expertise can contribute successfully to astronomical research. The data are only used for these purposes by the researchers of AstroSounds.

What is the legal basis for the collection of personal data?

The participant gives permission to share their personal data and for these to be stored when using one of the AstroSounds research tools, in addition to complying with the privacy declaration. The Citizen Science Project AstroSounds serves to improve astronomical research in a broad sense, to involve citizens of all backgrounds and to improve the quality of education. Additionally, AstroSounds improves the participation of disadvantaged groups to scientific research, e.g. people with visual and/or auditory impairment.

Which personal data is shared with third parties?

Your personal data are not shared with researchers outside of AstroSounds. When sharing broad scientific conclusions, personal data are never shared and only anonymous conclusions and information can be shared. 

Which personal data are requested?

The name, age, email and gender of the AstroSounds participants are asked. Because AstroSounds wants to improve astronomical research for people with visual and/or auditory impairments, this information is also queried.

The person/instance responsible for the processing of personal data is UCLL:
VZW UC Limburg, with registered office at Agoralaan, Building B, bus 1, 3590 Diepenbeek, company number 0417.195.515 and VAT number BE 0417.195.515 RPR (regiser of legal entities): Hasselt.

How long will your data be stored?

AstroSounds stores the personal data to identify you (your name, email, …) no longer than absolutely necessary to conduct the astronomical research. Participants can be contacted for follow-up investigations, but can retract themselves at all times. 

Data inquiry

  • Participants have the right to request the stored personal data and, whenever necessary, to rectify these. On simple request, the personal data can be erased at all times by stating so in a mail to


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