The night sky in 360

Sometimes the eye wants something as well...
Whilst listening to the AstroSounds stars, you may also want to know where those stars are located.
You can do that from now on!

Thanks to a 360° image from NASA that combines our entire night sky from both the northern and southern hemispheres, we've been able to give an earthly perspective to the star sounds you listen to at AstroSounds. For your reference we have included the constellations.
You start looking at our North Star. From here you can look around and look for vibrating stars by holding down your left mouse button and moving the mouse. If you use a smartphone, you can just swipe.
Click on the white circles and hear what sound this star makes. The name of the star is indicated: do you think you know which star belongs to which category (Cepheid, RR Lyrae, Solar-like...)?

Have a look at the night sky in 360° here. (You're going to an external website).

Do you have a VR headset, that makes the experience even more realistic!


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